Pledge Drive/Donations

Fall Pledge Drive!

The generous support of our amazing families goes directly toward educational and extra curricular programs for Alderwood students!

PTA Funded Educational Enhancement Program

  • Out of School Field Trips
  • In School Educational Assemblies
  • Library materials

PTA Run Educational Events

  • Math Club (4th-6th grade students)
  • Meet the Masters Art Program (TK-3rd grade students)
  • Guy Stuff Night (for 6th grade boys health education talk)
  • Mother/Daughter Tea (for 5th grade girls health education talk)
  • Reflections Art Contest

PTA School Assistance

  • Alderwood Elementary’s Positive Behavior Program (Owl Stars Program)
  • Ensuring Counselor Is Full Time at Alderwood Elementary
  • Ensuring Health Clerk Is Full Time at Alderwood Elementary
  • Pays for a 2nd PE teacher at Alderwood
  • School supplies for each teacher
  • Teacher Training Programs

With your support, the PTA can continue to fund these and other educational programs for our students and expand its services to the school.

In addition to holding its three annual fundraiser, PTA will host many fun (non-fundraising) activities for our students to enjoy:

PTA Fun Activities

  • Family Fun Night
  • Book Fair
  • Holiday Gift Shop
  • International Night
  • Jog A Thon
  • Let’s Do Lunch
  • Red Ribbon Week
  • Spring Carnival
  • Talent Show
  • Team Kids
  • Teacher Appreciation Week
To donate to PTA please visit