Read – A -Thon

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  1. What is Read-A-Thon?
  2. Why are we raising money?
  3. Read-A-Thon Goal
  4. Read-A-Thon Raffles
  5. Read-A-Thon Prizes
  6. Where to find reading material on line
  7. Flyers
  8. T-Shirt Donations
  9. How to enter your child(ren)’s Reading Minutes into the Log
  10. How to register on (11 steps with photos)

What is a Read-A-Thon

Please mark your calendars! The Where’s Walderwood Read-A-Thon will take place between March 18-March 25, 2021.

One of the most anticipated Alderwood events is here again! Each year, we have our school-wide Jog-a-thon fundraiser which is our biggest and most exciting event of the year. This year, since we can’t gather in person, Alderwood PTA is excited to introduce a virtual event – the Where’s Walderwood READ-A-THON! Each student will get a FREE T-shirt and their own Pledgestar page to personalize and use to raise donations. The fundraising starts NOW! Reading will take place during NON school hours for 1 week between March 18 – March 25.

During the Read-A-Thon week, students read as many minutes as they can and record the minutes (see below for instructions) each day on their Pledestar page. The more money they raise, the more prizes (see below for prize list) each student can win!

Why are we raising money

The Read-A-Thon is the largest PTA fundraiser of the year for our school – raising over half of the needed funds to help bolster our school’s excellent programs and facility needs to help us retain our standing as one of the best Elementary Schools in Irvine. We are writing to ask for Alderwood families to help work together once again to help us achieve these goals and to accomplish our fundraising goal of $85,000.

Here is where the funds from this year’s Read-A-Thon will be allocated:

  • Technology upgrades for teachers and students
  • Funding for supplies for art, library, PE, innovation lab experiences, STEAM materials, music resource upgrades and the various PTA activities.

Read-A-Thon Goal

$85,000 raised school wide. That is $100 raised per child.

Read-A-Thon Raffles

Read-A-Thon Prizes

Where to find reading materials online

Click HERE to for links to tutorials and links for E-books at IUSD for students


T-Shirt Donations

Each student at Alderwood (Traditional, Hybrid and IVA) will receive a free Where’s Walderwood T-Shirt. If you would like to donate $5 per t-shirt to help cover the cost of the t-shirt, it would be appreciated. Your donation will ensure more of the money raised through the PTA Read-A-Thon will be spent on our Goals Not Costs.

To donate for your child’s free T-Shirt please click here

How to enter your child(ren)’s minutes read during the Read-A-Thon

  1. Log into (for instructions on registering see below) between March 18 through March 25, 2021
  1. Click on your child(ren)’s name
  1. Log minutes your child(ren) read after school hours

How to Register on Pledgestar

  1. Log into
    (Traditional, Hybrid and IVA students all use this site)
  2. Choose a language

3. Register for the event. Prior year’s registration has been deleted so EVERYONE must re-register.

4. Once you have registered you will be directed to your child’s Read-A-Thon page

5. Register each of your child(ren) in grades TK through 6th grade as Readers

6. Enter your child’s first name, last name, teacher (IVA teachers are listed only by grades not specific teacher’s names), and shirt size (for the free Where’s Walderwood t-shirt each student will receive).
(a) If you have Mr. Bower or Ms. Bower as a teacher, please make sure you note the correct teacher
(b) If your child is in a combo class, please make sure you note the correct grade for your child.

7. Enter second or more children

8. Upload a picture of your child to make the emails more personal

9. Enter information of friends/family you would like your child to send their fundraising request to for the Read-A-Thon.

10. Post on social media to reach out to all friends

11. Donate on behalf of your own family to the Read-A-Thon by clicking Donate Now (the button will not show up until you have entered at least 1 email as listed above)